International Tumor Pathology Conference Held in Shanghai

The Third FUDAN-MDACC Tumor Pathology Symposium was successfully held in Shanghai, June 5 to June 8, 2008. A group of international pathologists and cancer research investigators from M. D. Anderson Cancer Center (Drs. Lynne Abruzzo, Paul Chiao, Michael Deavers, Charles Levenback, Jinsong Liu, Timothy McDonnell, Aysegul Sahin, Dongfeng Tan-USCACA, and Dihua Yu), Yale University (Dr. Tian Xu), Griffith University, Australia (Dr. Alfred Lam), Chinese University of Hong Kong (Dr. Ho-Keung Ng) and Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Hong Kong (Dr. John K.C. Chan) were invited to give talks at the three-day conference. The multi-disciplinary program consisted of comprehensive topics covering genomics and tumor suppressor network in cancer and their potential utilities in personalized medicine, molecular classification and novel molecular pathological markers of breast cancer, clinicopathological characterization and cytogenetic classification of lymphoid neoplasms, molecular pathology of brain tumors, and pathological and molecular features of HNPCC and serrated colorectal polyps.  More than 300 people attended the symposium, which was jointly organized by MD. Anderson Cancer Center and Fudan University Tumor Hospital, Shanghai Cancer Hospital, as well as the annual meeting of Shanghai Pathologist Society (Dr. Zhu Minghua, president) were jointly sponsored by the Global Academic Programs  of M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, USCACA, Pathology Division of Shanghai Medical Association, and Shanghai Fudan Clinical Diagnostic Pathology Center.