USCACA position opening (May 20, 2009)

We are glad to announce that the following positions are available in USCACA.
1.       Co-Chair for Academic Affairs (Academic exchange and Education program) 
Ø  Establish fellowship to promote research and clinical scientists exchange programs between US and China.;
Ø  Host scientific conferences. 
Ø  Raise cancer awareness and educate the public via seminars and website
2.       Co-Chair for Editorial Office (website, newsletter, journal)
Ø  Website content
Ø  Newsletter
Ø  Journal
3.       Co-Chair for Membership (member service, online community
Ø  Membership management
Ø  Develop member service, to facilitate USCACA member¡¯s networking and collaboration
Ø  Online community
4.       Co-Chair for Business Affairs
Ø  USCACA Budget
Ø  Business development
Ø  Collaboration
Ø  Event and activity
If you are interested, please email for further information.