The USCACA-NFCR Scholar Award of Clinical, Translational and Basic Cancer Research

U.S. Chinese Anti-Cancer Association (USCACAÃÀÖп¹¡ã©Ð­»¡§¢)- National Foundation for Cancer Research-USA (NFCR-USA, ¹¡§²¼Ò¡ã©Ö¢»¡§´½ð-ÃÀ¹¡§²) has established the USCACA-NFCR Scholar Award of Clinical, Translational, and Basic Cancer Research. The purpose of this award program is to reward clinicians and basic researchers from China who performed clinical/translational or basic research in cancer under supervision of USCACA members at hospitals or research institutions in the US.




The award is open to medical research professionals who have MD, PhD or MD & PhD degree from an accredited institution in China;


A qualified candidate has conducted at least 6-month of clinical/translational or basic cancer research under the supervision of a USCACA member in the US;


The candidate has returned to China;


The candidate is qualified for applying for this award within two year of completing his/her training in the US.


Award Categories


The award has two categories:


Clinical/translational cancer research


Basic cancer research




Up to four awards of $1,000/per award each year


Host Training Institutions


An accredited hospitals or academic institution where a member/supervisor of USCACA is affiliated with


Nomination Process and Review


1. Nomination and Criteria

The candidate should be nominated by a member of USCACA. Self-nomination is not accepted. The nomination letter and a copy of nominee¡¯s resume should demonstrate that the nominee has accomplished a successful training in clinical/translational or basic cancer research with evidence of high impact publication(s) (including presentations at major international conferences) or successful clinical trials/studies.


2. Supporting Materials

The following materials must be submitted to the Scholarship Selection Committee:


1.                  Nomination Letter: be addressed to the Selection Committee; concisely

            describe the candidate's achievements for which he or she is being

            nominated; and not exceed one page;


2.        Candidate's curriculum vitae, including a complete list of his or her



3.        Outline of the candidate¡¯s future research plan: not exceed one page;


4.        Supporting letters: one from the US mentor and one from current

            director/chair/dean in China.


3. Review Process


A USCACA review committee will examine the nominations. The award will be determined based on the merit and evidence of achievement of the nominee.


4. Awarded Fellows


In addition to receiving the award as indicated above, the awardees will receive an award certificate from USCAC-NFCR. The award will be announced and presented in a major clinical/translational or basic cancer research meeting in either US or China. The Award will be presented at scientific conferences organized by USCACA in China. The award will also be announced and posted on the websites of USCACA ( and NFCR (, as well as published in Chinese Journal of Cancer, the USCACA official journal, with description of her or his achievements.


5. Nomination Dates:

Please visit our website at for the nomination deadline of each year for the USCACA Scholar Exchange Award.  However, the nomination is also open throughout the year.  Please send your application to Shi-Yuan Cheng, PhD, the Chair of the Scholarship Selection Committee at