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USCACA executives received Special Contribution Award by China SFDA

(Beijing) On December 6th 2009, USCACA executives Drs. Li Yan and Xiaoxiang Chen, were awarded Special Contribution Award¡¡À by the State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA). The award recognizes their efforts and contributions to the improvement on standardization of Chinese drug review process and revision of the guiding principles.

Asia International Breast Cancer Summit


The Global Breast Cancer Conferenece

The Global Breast Cancer Conferenece is the 7th Breast Biennial Meeting of the Asian Breast Cancer Society held in Seoul, Korea Oct 8-10, 2009. 1300 delegates from 30 countries attended the meeting together with prominent breast cancer researchers and clinicians from USA, Europe and Asia. Wide range of topics were presented at the meeting, including prevention, research and treatment of breast cancer. In addition, psycho-social issues of breast cancer were discussed.

News reporting the launch of USCACA

Chinese Anti-Cancer Association (CACA) reported the launch of USCACA

A interview with Kenneth C. Anderson

A video interview with Kenneth C. Anderson, M.D., Dana Farber Cancer Institute / Harvard Medical School by Beibei Song